Joe S. lost 55.2 lb 
in 11 weeks*

Champion Weight Lifter becomes Champion Weight Dropper

In his 20’s, Joe was a competitive athlete and a champion weight lifter. His diet focused on gaining weight to build muscle. As he started to focus more on his career and family, his weight began to creep up. Joe thought it was normal to gain a few pounds each year. Then he got tired during normal activities. Then his joints hurt. Then he was on blood pressure and cholesterol medications.

Then Joe saw a photo of himself. “I was fat, pale and looked like a man waiting to have a heart attack. I was mortified. ” “I realized that I had let myself down, I had let my wife down, and I was certain that I wouldn’t live to see my son graduate high school.”

Joe’s wife told him about the Dr. Bernstein clinic. He was sceptical. “What happened next was way beyond my expectations. It was easy! I was eating food that I truly enjoyed, and the pounds kept falling off.” “The program was a life changer for me” Joe explains. “I went on to the Maintenance Program and have kept all the weight off. My blood pressure and cholesterol are normal and I don’t need any medication. My family doctor is amazed.”

Now Joe has lots of energy to play and ski with his son all day long. He cycles 200 km per week and isn’t embarrassed to wear Lycra shorts!

“I have more confidence than ever and my wife is proud of me. I have learned how to eat and manage my weight. I still eat out and really enjoy my food but I know how to control it.”

“I’m healthy now and have no doubt that I’ll see my son graduate and I’ll be around for many years after that!”

“Thank you, Dr. Bernstein and the wonderful nurses at the Barrie clinic.”

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*Individual weight loss may vary. Call for details. Compliance with our program is required.

*Individual weight loss may vary. Call for details. Compliance with our program is required.