Dr. Bernstein Weight Loss Program Cost

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How much does the Dr. Bernstein Program cost?

At the Bernstein Diet & Health Clinics, our goal is to deliver rapid and long-lasting weight loss results with a pleasant and professional atmosphere that keeps you motivated all the way to your goal. We accomplish this by administering a healthy and effective diet program, proven with over 40 years of experience, by specially-trained nurses and doctors who ensure you get the personal care and support you need and the results you want quickly and efficiently.

On our program, you can safely lose up to 20 lb every month*. That’s 4 to 5 inches off your waistline every single month!* And while the average success rate of most other weight loss programs is about 4%, one of our in-house studies has shown that 75% of our patients will reach their goal weight, and 75% of them will maintain their healthy weight for at least 2 years. We have surveyed the prices of many other commercial weight loss programs and have found that, on a cost-per-pound-lost basis, the cost of the Bernstein weight loss program is about 1/3 of the cost of other commercial programs.

As every patient is an individual with unique and varying weight loss and health goals, so too can the overall cost of the program vary from patient to patient. The cost of the Bernstein program is based on a fee-for-service model, and while the prices of the services are consistent from patient to patient, several factors can affect your overall total cost of the program:

  • The more weight a person needs to lose, the more time it will take to reach that person’s goal, the more services they will need.
  • The rate at which a person loses weight will also affect the overall total cost. Someone who is very diligent with the program can lose more weight in a given period of time than someone who is follows the program less carefully.
  • Attend the clinic regularly. Our research shows that those patients who come to the clinic more frequently are more diligent in following the program and lose more weight more quickly than those who come less often and are less careful with following the program. More frequent attendance helps to break your old bad habits quicker while reinforcing your new healthy habits for the long term. A quicker weight loss means less time on the program and less overall total cost.
  • Get to your goal weight. Your ideal healthy goal weight is that weight at which your body has lost all of its excess fat and is operating optimally. At this weight, it is easier to prevent rebound weight gain and maintain your ideal healthy weight over the long term.
  • Do the Maintenance Program. Maintenance is really what healthy weight loss is all about. The Bernstein Maintenance Program is designed for your individual needs to ensure you protect the investment you have made in yourself by losing weight in the first place and then keeping it off.
  • We offer progressive discounts for purchasing larger packages of services at one time because it saves us some administrative work over the course of your treatment
  • Children under 17 years of age save 50% off any amount of services. Restrictions apply. See staff for details.
  • Some extended health care plans may cover part of the cost of the program. Check with your provider for details of your coverage.
  • Our program may qualify as a medical expense. Please check with your own tax adviser to determine if a tax credit applies in your particular situation.

Our Promise

Having spent more than 40 years helping people like you lose their excess weight, Dr. Bernstein knows that everyone can lose all of their excess weight while following the program – including you!

That’s why we promise you’ll lose at least 10 lb every month while following the program correctly.*

Call us at 1-888-DR-B-DIET (1-888-372-3438) or let us contact you, and speak to a representative who can help answer your questions and provide an estimate of the Bernstein weight loss program cost for you.

*Individual weight loss may vary. Call for details. Compliance with our program is required.