Dr. Bernstein Diet Food List

The Dr. Bernstein weight loss program is comprised of many components working together to help your body break down fat as efficiently as possible while maintaining and improving your overall health.

One of the most important components to healthy weight loss is ensuring that you have all the proper nutrients that your body needs to function optimally even as you reduce your food intake. They key is to know which foods and what quantity provide that ideal level of nutrition without interfering with the fat-breakdown process.

The list of Dr. Bernstein’s allowed foods has been a work-in-progress for decades, continually evolving as new products are introduced and carefully screened for compliance with the program requirements. Our patients follow a calorie-reduced diet, or meal plan, of regular grocery store foods that are well-balanced. You will enjoy a wide variety of meats, fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables. If you are interested in learning more about eating habits, check-out our video on ‘The Problem with Unbalanced Diets’.

Other weight loss resources

Patients of the Dr. Bernstein weight loss program can access the food list in the various materials that are used as part of the program, including the recipe book and their own personal portal on the Dr. Bernstein website.

In addition, our patients enjoy 1-on-1 personal support from our team of specially-trained nurses who coach, encourage and educate them on the proper food choices and building new healthy lifestyle habits.

Call us at 1-888-DR-B-DIET (1-888-372-3438) or let us contact you, and speak to a representative who can answer your questions and get you started on your way to long-term healthy weight loss.

*Individual weight loss may vary. Call for details. Compliance with our program is required.