The Dr. Bernstein Maintenance Program

The key to long-term happiness is long-term results.

Patients who follow the Dr. Bernstein Diet and the Maintenance phase lose weight and can reach their optimal weight, enjoying a level of good health they haven’t had in years, and we make sure they stay there with the Dr. Bernstein Maintenance Program. Maintaining your healthy weight is as important as losing the weight in the first place, and it is critical to protecting the valuable investment that you have made in yourself.

The Maintenance Program is an educational process where we teach you how to eat sensibly and normally. It entrenches the good habits you learned on the diet, reinforcing the lifestyle changes to help you keep the weight off long term. Rebound weight gain can be avoided and we can show you how!

How Maintenance Works

The Maintenance Program is about learning to eat the proper amounts and types of calories to suit your new, healthier body. It involves increasing the quantity and variety of foods you enjoy while ensuring you maintain your healthy weight. The objective is to find the exact amounts of healthy foods that you can eat and to identify any particular foods that may cause weight gain or other health or digestive problems. We recommend that most patients stay on Maintenance for at least one year to ensure their new eating habits are firmly rooted and that they’ll maintain their new healthy weight long term.

Benefits of our Maintenance Program

You’ve reached your goal and have never felt better. Now we want to ensure that you maintain the amazing new you. Here is what our patients love about the Maintenance Program:

Look great and feel great. Reaching your goal weight is an amazing feeling and we’ll help you stay there. Our team of doctors and nurses will arm you with the knowledge and techniques to help keep you looking and feeling great.

Experience more energy. The Maintenance Program contains all the protein and nutrients you need to lead a full, active and exciting life. As you lose weight, you’ll enjoy an upswing in your energy levels allowing you to participate fully in activities like tennis, skiing or even keeping up with the kids!

Love being in control. By learning how to eat sensibly for the long term, you can prevent cravings and rebound weight gain. You’ll experience a sustained high level of motivation, higher self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life.

Cravings are managed and under control. By learning how to eat sensibly, you will prevent cravings and abnormal hunger that can lead to rebound weight gain.

Enjoy that healthy glow. There are innumerable health benefits to maintaining a healthy weight, like improved fitness and a better ability to focus. Many of our patients who’ve lost 25 to 40 lb clinically look 10 years younger. You can look forward to years of good skin tone that retains its elasticity and looks noticeably healthier. Enjoy the compliments!

Live a longer and healthier life. Maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle helps prevent stroke, heart attacks, hypertension and certain forms of cancer. It leads to a lowered pulse rate, cleaner arteries and veins, and improved cholesterol and blood sugar levels. You will also prevent and control joint disorders such as arthritis and gout by reducing pressure and inflammation on weight-bearing joints. Plus it can alleviate or eliminate symptoms of sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and reduce or eliminate the need for medications to control diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Overall, maintaining a healthy weight is vital to ensuring stable and manageable health – and good health feels great!

Emotional and sexual confidence. Beyond feeling better about yourself, another positive side effect of weight loss is improved blood circulation which helps many patients with improved sexual function and general health.

*Individual weight loss may vary. Call for details. Compliance with our program is required.