I received the most wonderful birthday gift today, January 8, 2009 – my 65th birthday!

I’ve lost 30 lbs. on the Bernstein diet!

A big thank you to the Bernstein Team at the Brentwood Centre in Calgary. They have made such heroic efforts to encourage, uplift, educate, motivate and affirm but never shame me as I moved along on this journey since early October. Having a nursing background I do understand how difficult it is to keep up the pace of encouraging those who are non-compliant patients. They just want to make the magic happen without the effort of sticking with the program.

Today I feel free and alive and I’m so grateful for the new me that is emerging! While this birthday blessing was not my goal, it’s fun to see the change at this stage in my life.

I’ve tried numerous times to take off the weight, but always ended in a disappointed crumpled heap because I couldn’t keep up the pace and caved-in in defeat! I’d been doing some self-talk saying, “You’ve written a book-a 3 year project while working at a high stress job, you should also be able to focus, stick with a diet and lose the weight-it’s another project!”

In late September or early October I was having difficulty sleeping at 3:00 am. I turned on the TV and there was Dr. Bernstein! My husband and I watched for a few minutes and then he encouraged me when I said, “I think I can do that.” Suddenly, my mind shifted into a positive mode. That very morning I called the office, made an appointment and the rest is history. I believe in the program, the results and just how great I’ve felt all along. I still have more weight to lose, but a 65th birthday is a wonderful landmark for this stage of my success. I’m celebrating by saying, “I couldn’t have done it without all of you!”

A huge thank-you to all the nurses and doctors and to Dr. Bernstein for a program that really works.

A truly grateful woman!

Thank you. A.S. Calgary, AB

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