To the Wonderful Team at Scarborough Branch (including Doctors, Nurses and Administrative staff):

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation in your continued encouragement in my progress.

I am a front line child protection worker in Toronto. It is an extremely challenging yet rewarding job; however I was making unhealthy food choices and emotionally eating in the late evenings.

Before I embarked on the Dr Bernstein weight loss program in April 23, 2013, I was feeling extremely burnt out and depressed. I weighed 235 lbs and found that I was not eating in a healthy manner. The nurses and doctors at Scarborough educated me on health and wellness. Your admin staff gave me encouraging words and respectfully accommodated my appointment times and last minute cancelations. The team there was so professional and courteous.

Your nurses took the time (up to 20 minutes at times) to walk me through healthier food choices, lifestyle changes, exercises and vitamins. They were so very patient and caring. Your Doctors took the time to go through my chart and educate me on enriching my health and eating while monitoring portion size to regulate my blood sugar. For years I did not know this! It was because of this team that I stayed from April 23rd to October 4th! They supported me during four weddings and even my Birthday! Great team!!!

My weight today is 138 lbs. I lost almost one hundred pounds on your program. I feel rejuvenated! My skin and hair is healthier and my mind is much sharper! My depression has decreased and my doctor has reduced my anti depression medications. My diabetes is now under control. I feel like a new person! I will forever be grateful to the Dr Bernstein Health and Wellness Centres! I full heartedly recommend this program to many professionals in my field.

Thank you,



*Individual weight loss may vary. Call for details. Compliance with our program is required.