I would like to thank you for helping to change my quality of life. I was suffering from high blood pressure, daily pills for gout, as well as limited mobility with arthritic hips and borderline high cholesterol. In our local paper I read your advertisement and decided to give you a try. I weighed in on Aug 28 at 254 lbs. and started the diet Sept 1st. By Nov 10 I had reached by goal of 185 lbs. for a loss of 69 lbs. in about 70 days. During this time my cholesterol dropped from borderline high to above the top end of the good scale. Also I have been able to stop my blood pressure pills as my pressure now is lower than it was when I was taking these pills, and also gone is my daily need for the gout pills. My hips are still a mess from the arthritis but whereas before I could not walk 200 ft. or tie my shoes, now I can walk for about a mile at a time, skate with my grandkids and generally enjoy life again. Needless to say myself, my wife and family greatly appreciate the change in me.

Even during the holiday season and vacation to Mexico I was able to keep within my guideline for weight control. I have averaged 185 lbs. now, give or take 2 lbs., since Nov 15th 2004 to Feb 7th 2005. One of the greatest things about this plan is the lack of cravings during the diet, the controlled return to most all foods and of course the staffs, of whom most are fantastic and very helpful and encouraging.

I have sent a colleague from work that at present has lost 30 lbs. in just under a month, and my daughter will start shortly. Again, thanks for the new, better, healthier me.

Thank you.


Calgary, AB

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