I have been going to your clinic since January of this year. These two stellar employees have guided me with all of my challenges that I have encountered in the last 6 months trying to lose weight. I truly believe these two individuals have gone above and beyond their job descriptions. The reason I say this is, they have been there for every challenge I have encountered including going out to restaurants, going on vacations and other gatherings such as business and family.

Both of these women have helped me when it came to food preparations, what is allowed, what is not and why. They took their time with me and helped me understand the reasons as to why Dr. Bernstein’s clinics work. Over several years, I have always thought nutrition was not as important as reducing calories. Again, they have taken their time to explain the nutritional value of your program, the dos and don’ts. It finally makes sense to me after trying to battle with my weight for years.

Dr. Bernstein, I have had numerous health challenges that have increased my weight tremendously. Your Clearwater Clinic has helped me with those challenges.

I no longer need to take high blood pressure medicine and numerous other medications that I had to take for multiple years.

The nurses are so kind and considerate. They have such patience with every client that comes in your clinic. I have sat back and observed, thinking it was just me that they treat this way, but they do it for everyone.

I want to thank these ladies for all they do, and more.



*Individual weight loss may vary. Call for details. Compliance with our program is required.