The Science of Healthy Weight Loss with Dr. Stanley Bernstein

About the Podcast:

The Science of Healthy Weight Loss with Dr. Stanley K. Bernstein is a podcast that will demystify, deconstruct and detail the journey to a healthy weight loss, and a healthier you. Dr. Bernstein explains what Healthy Weight Loss means, the health benefits of shedding those extra pounds, how he and his team tackle weight loss here in Canada, and much more.

Episode 7: Answers to Your Weight Loss Questions

Dr. Bernstein answers some of the toughest questions you may have about weight loss and his program. In this final episode of our Podcast series we recap some of the learning from the last six episodes and Dr. Bernstein answers the biggest questions facing anyone wanting to lose weight.

Episode 6: What Weight Loss Success Feels Like

On this episode – We’ll share some remarkable stories from patients who have not only lost the weight but kept it off and have changed their lives in doing so. Stories of real people, just like you who knew they needed to make a change and found success with the Dr. Bernstein Weight Loss Program. Also, featuring Head Nurse – Lynn McNairn!

Episode 5: You’ve lost the weight, now what? Getting off the roller coaster.

On this episode – Getting Off the Roller Coaster, we’ll learn how proper, healthy weight loss methods can provide steady progress and avoid the pitfalls that cause the roller coaster, or “yo-yo” effect. Plus, we’ll discover why continued support is vital to staying off that roller coaster long-term.

Episode 4: Everyone CAN Lose Weight

On this episode, Dr. Bernstein busts the myths of fad diets that claim to work wonders, but can have disastrous results and addresses the myth of using only exercise to lose weight. Everyone CAN lose weight with the At-Home Dr. Bernstein Weight Loss Program.

Episode 3: The Trust Factor

On this episode, Doctor Stanley K. Bernstein will explain why most other diet methods may have failed and why trusting science is the best way to achieve your goal of healthy weight loss.

Episode 2: The Benefits of Healthy Weight Loss

On this episode – We’ll examine the Benefits of Healthy Weight Loss – starting with identifying health issues and medical problems that are further impacted by being overweight. We’ll explore how losing weight in a medically supervised manner can be beneficial to existing medical problems.

Episode 1: What’s Happening INSIDE Your Body.

In our first episode, Doctor Bernstein explains the science and chemistry behind weight gain and weight loss. Our bodies react in certain ways to certain foods, and many of the foods we eat every day are wreaking havoc inside us! On this episode, you’ll discover what is happening INSIDE your body when you gain and lose weight.

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