Career opportunities for Doctors who value their personal time.

Our physicians find wonderful personal fulfillment in practicing safe, healthy, preventive medicine treating one of North America’s most rampant epidemic problems – Obesity. Our physicians work regular daytime hours anywhere from 1 to 4 days per week. They don’t work evenings or weekends, and they don’t deal with emergencies, long shifts, hospital bureaucracy, office management tasks, overhead or stress!

Our program combines medical supervision, nutritional education, behavior modification counselling techniques, healthy doses of vitamins and minerals and a wide variety of grocery store food choices. Our patients follow strict protocols, including regular attendance at the clinics to visit with the nurses and physician. Exercise is not required, and we do not prescribe any medications for obesity.

The role of the physician is to ensure that the patient is progressing with the program and feeling well, to diagnose, monitor and treat any co-morbid conditions, to offer counselling and behaviour modification techniques to assist the patient in achieving their goal and to oversee the nurses’ monitoring of the patient.

Physicians are required to possess current registration and licensing with the governing bodies in their respective provinces of employment.

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