I attend the clinic at Wellington Road South in London. A couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses noticed the nitrites were high in my urine test. She asked me if I had any signs of a bladder infection, which I did not. Even so, she requested a sterile sample be sent off to the lab for testing. When I came into the clinic a few days later, there was already a prescription waiting for me from the Doctor. I had an e-coli infection that had not quite reached my bladder yet. I took the prescribed and it was gone.

I attribute catching this early to the nursing staff knowing that something was not right about my sample even without me having or complaining of any symptoms. All of the staff at Wellington Road are great, but this is an example of one of them individualizing their job and not rushing through the clients. I wanted to recognize her for noticing this and saving me the grief of a painful bladder infection which I never would have caught that early if it weren’t for her and the fact that I attend Dr. B’s!!

Thanks Dr. B Staff

L. O. London, Ontario

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